The Adventure Awaits...

Our life journey, an experience full of adventure and mystery, is one that we all travel through the sands of time. From time immemorial, countless philosophers have sought the essence of our humanity, and the most devout religious practitioners have dedicated their lives to the search of Truth. But for those of us with other professions who lead modest lives in our communities, how can the pursuit of the deepest philosophical questions help us become better people and contribute to a better world? How can introspection and contemplation bring tangible rewards to our daily lives?

Journey on the Level uses the symbols and non-sectarian traditions of Freemasonry, a popular and historical civic organization, as a framework to discuss the essence of our humanity, regardless of race, religion, culture, or social status. Written in easily-accessible language, complete with examples from daily life, it takes us on a journey to learn the greatest lessons that life has to offer. With practical ideas communicated through analogies and anecdotes, we emerge from this journey with a new perspective that inspires us to look at everyday experiences in a different and more meaningful way, no matter the circumstances. Life-changing wisdom is all around us. It is simply up to us to discover it.

Each moment is valuable.
Each second is to be cherished.
Each day is a gift.

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What the Readers are Saying...

"Wow, I wish I could have written this book. And I mean that in both senses; I wish I had it to my credit as an author, and I wish I thought I had the insight and ability to write it. Brother Shieh has produced that rare book that I can strongly advise every Mason to read, and especially to give to every young Mason you know who is starting his Masonic journey. The premise is so simple: how does a man in today's world actually use in daily life what Masonry teaches? What are 21st century meanings for our ancient symbols? His answers are good, practical, thoughtful, and come from experience... He doesn't preach, he encourages, but if there were ever a book on 'practical Masonry,' this is it. One of the best books I've read in many a year."
- James T. Tresner II, 33°, Grand Cross, Scottish Rite Journal, Vol. CXX, No. 2, March/April 2012

"Journey on the Level may be the most intensely personal account of a young man's encounter with Masonic teachings ever written. Unlike other books that interpret Craft symbolism in the abstract, this work is written in a matter-of-fact style. It is conversational, probing, philosophical and relentlessly honest. When you're through with it, you may feel you have met and spent time with Brother Shieh. Masonic educators in particular should study this book, and how the writer translates the lessons of Freemasonry into meaningful introspection and application - along the way, getting to the heart of many questions that every thinking man asks... I highly recommend this book for its depth, its insight, its honesty and its wisdom."
- Shawn Eyer, Editor, Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research, Vol. 65, No. 1, Winter 2012

"Your fresh perspective on the fraternity, particularly as it relates to the younger men coming in, is most 'refreshing.' Guidance on the path as to what it truly means to be a Mason is a subject that will always be important. Thanks for your contribution."
- Richard E. Fletcher, PGM, Masonic Service Association

"I personally feel that your book should be recommended to prospective Members of the Craft as well as to those who have already become Master Masons. Your intriguing and introspective presentation of Masonic Symbols is astounding."
- Larry George, PM, Boulder Lodge No. 45, Colorado

"This is the most approachable and thought-provoking book on Freemasonry I've ever read."
- Travis Roberts, PM, Norman Lodge No. 38, Oklahoma

"This book is inspirational. It challenges you to ask questions and think for yourself. Brother Shieh shares some of the great moral lessons that the institution of Freemasonry has to offer. It is full of symbolism that helps us along in building 'that house not made with hands.' It's a great read for anyone, and I especially recommend it to fellow Masons."
- Kyle Hudson, reviewer

"Journey on the Level is a must read for craftsmen searching for the lost word. Pike, Waite, Mackey, and the like are essential tools in every craftsman's box, but reading them can be a labor of love. Owen Shieh has taken a huge pot of timeless knowledge and condensed it down to a wonderfully simple explanation of the light we travelers seek. He has taken some awfully big concepts and made them understandable to this gen-Xer. Bravo, brother."
- Ben, reviewer